Summary of CCV/CCVUF Union Contract Tentative Agreement

Pending ratification by CCVUF membership…

Issue/Article Admin Initial Proposal Tentative agreement
Appointments and Assignments    
Process for appointments and assignments No expectation of re-appointment An expectation of re-appointment with a clear and transparent process for course assignments that can be grieved if violated.
Non-reappointments No notification given If the Administration does not re-appoint a faculty member, the faculty member will be notified to the reason why and that decision can be grieved
Course guarantee Rejected union proposal Guarantee of of 1 class in the fall and spring semesters for all faculty in pay grades 2 and 3
Pay Grades Admin responded to union proposal of a 5-tier scale (Parity with VSC) with 2 tiers, with the second starting at 120 credit hours 3-tier pay grade system:
Step 1: Less than 60 credit hours taught at CCV
Step 2: 60 – 119 credit hours taught at CCV
Step 3: 120 or more credit hours taught at CCV
Pay grade promotion Promotion occurs Sept.1 following accumulation of required # of credits Promotion occurs immediately upon accumulation of required # of credits
Salary 2 steps. First step a total of 3% raise over 3 years. Second Step a total of 5% raise over 3 years. See Chart below
Professional Development A fund equaling $75 per bargaining unit member (538), totaling $40,350 A fund equaling $120 per bargaining unit member (538), totaling $64,560 for bargaining unit faculty only.
Who is in the bargaining unit-Recognition Only faculty who teach degree credit courses Includes faculty who teach both degree credit and non-degree credit courses. (i.e. developmental courses)
Grievance Proceedure Status quo only; always a process to reach Center director and no right to arbitrate. Formal process to handle faculty grivances that goes as high as the VSC Chancellor including the right for binding arbitration
Residual Rights Language protecing faculty ownership of content, NOT including content in online courses Language protecing faculty ownership of content, including content in online courses
Union Rights   Right to use space on CCV portal to link to Union information. The right to use CCV buletin boards and classrooms when not in use already.
Mileage Reimbursement travel reimbursed only for “required”travel Maintaining the status quo regarding mileage policy, including travel for events such as Summer Institute, graduation and professional developments events hosted by Academic Council.
Facilities No guarantee of designated space for faculty to prep and only space to meet with students upon request Guarantee of Faculty space at every center to prepare and meet with students.
  No right for faculty to stay beyond 9 pm at a center Faculty having the right to remain at a center with a student 30 minutes after the last class ends
Leaves of absence   In the event of an illness having the right to miss up to 40% of the course and still get paid for the full course
Union Officer Rights CCV Paying the value of a three-credit course for a faculty union member each semester (fall and spring only) only in contract negotiation years CCV Paying the value of a three-credit course for a faculty union member each semester (fall, spring and summer) to conduct union business
Governance 50-50 split admin-faculty representation on all Curriculm Committees. Admin maintains the right to select faculty members Faculty Majority on all Curriculum Committees. Union right to recruit and elect faculty co-chairs and at-large members to all governance committtees
Governance stipends Status Quo Co-Chair of Curriculum Committee: $3000
Co-Chair FACT or FACT-SSR: $1500 (33% increase)
At Large Curriculum Committee, FACT, FACT-SSR, Experiential Learning, Student Success and Retention: $1500 (50% increase)
At Large General Ed. Committee: $500
Side Letter No one may teach more tha 11 credits system wide We are working to finalize a side letter with the administration that would grandfather some faculty
Wages per Credit Sept. 1, 2018 Sept. 1, 2019
Pay Grade 1 $1320 (3% increase) $1359 (3% increase)
Pay Grade 2 $1341 (5% increase) $1380 (3% increase)
Pay Grade 3 $1366 (7% increase) $1404 (3% increase)
  Sept. 1, 2020 Total after 3 years
Pay Grade 1 $1399 (3% increase) 9% increase
Pay Grade 2 $1421 (3% increase) 11% increase
Pay Grade 3 $1446 (3% increase) 13% increase

List of Tentative Agreements

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